Sunday, November 4, 2012

May I?

I really don' t know what life would be like without music. Music can lift you up in seconds.
Let me post a video with a song I used to like. May I?

So, ready to drive through London and the English countryside while listening to my favourite song? Towards the end of the video, you can get a glimpse of Stonehenge and a white horse figure on a hill. 

Definition of white horse from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:
There are several large figures of white horses in the English countryside, mainly in southern England. Most of them were made in prehistoric times, by cutting the grass away from the surface of chalk hills and probably had a religious meaning for the people who made them. Others are believed to be more recent. The best-known white horses are at Uffington in Oxfordshire and at Westbury in Wiltshire.

Which song do you like? You can always leave a comment so I can post your song, too!

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