Sunday, October 21, 2012

A visit to the military airport

Last Friday we were given a tour of the Hellenic Air Force military airport in Kalamata, which serves as a training academy for new pilots.
At first, we were treated to cookies and soft drinks and then, in the briefing room, our guide told us what the training of the air cadets is all about.
Our guide explained that it is important for a cadet to speak English because there are pilots from different countries taking lessons there or visiting the airport and they all communicate in English. The tests that the new pilots have to take are also in English! The planes have all been made in America, so everything inside the plane is also in English! (Now you understand why it is very important for everyone to learn English.)
After that, we flew over Kalamata in the flight simulator and our airplane made loops and turns in the sky, which was both exciting and dizzy.
Finally, we saw the falcons, which are used to scare birds away, so that they don' t fly into any airplane engines and destroy them.
Everybody was excited and learnt something new!

Learn about the falcons in these two videos:

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