Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mark, Nadine and Kostas - 3 Internet friends

The 5th Graders remember Mark, Nadine and Kostas for sure!
Why don' t you meet them, too? Today they are talking about their cities and their parents' jobs.

Mark: Hello there! As you both know, I live in London, a very big city.. My father
is a shop owner and he always goes to work on foot. His bookstore is in our
neighbourhood. Lucky fellow......

Kostas: I live in Athens and our flat is in Nea Ionia, a suburb of Athens. My
mum, who is a bank clerk in the city centre, usually drives to work and it takes
her over an hour to get there. She doesn’t use public transport. I don’t think
it’s a good idea she drives to work. And she has huge problems in finding a
parking place every day!

Nadine: Well, my family and I live in the centre of Marseilles, which is a big city
in the south of France. My parents work in a factory outside the city and they
go to work by bus. Many of their colleagues drive to work but it seems to me
my parents are doing the right thing. It’s better to take the bus - the traffic is
so heavy!

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