Sunday, February 24, 2013

School news... before they get too old to be told!

Last month a nutritionist visited our school to talk about the benefits of eating right, i.e. eating a lot of fruit and vegetables and less meat or sweets. She asked the students a lot of questions and most of them knew the answers. That means everybody knows what is good to eat and what is not - the question is, how many of us put it into practice?

The nutritionist pointed out the need of eating fruit of different colours every day and she played a game with the students. They were excited. Then she talked  about bananas in particular and showed them a relevant video. 

Before she left, she treated every student to a big, yellow, tasty banana. The kids were happy! Let us hope they will follow some of the valuable advice the nutritionist gave them.


The Parent Association of our school kept the custom of cutting the vassilopita this year, too. Every student got a large piece of vasilopita and we all wished the best for the New Year. The lucky ones to find the coin were Panayiotis, a student of 4th grade, and Panayiota, a student of 6th grade. Each one of them got a book as a present.

Last but not least, a professor from the Technological Educational Institute of Kalamata came to our school to help us start a garden. Our school has a lot of space for a garden. We are going to plant vegetables, flowers and herbs. The professor talked to the students about plants. Everybody is excited with our new project and you can see seeds and little plants in every classroom. We are still planning about planting!

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