Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We are all poets!

Did you know that nearly everybody can write a piece of poetry? The greater the inspiration, the better the poem. All you have to do is keep your eyes and your ears open and all your senses awake, but, most importantly, keep your heart pure and your mind enquiring.

At school, we read an acrostic poem in our course book. This time it was about monsters.

Here is the original poem:

M any of them are oversized
O ut in the dark, they look strange
N othing more vicious and ugly
S ometimes the most mysterious
T otally frightening
E xcept for the … friendly ones
R ather funny and good-hearted
S urely they can be our friends!

Here are the students' poems:

    Christine' s monsters
M ost dangerous
O ut of our world 
N ear in our dreams
S ure I' ve never seen one
T errible
E veryone's afraid of them
R eally ugly
S omewhere they live

    Athena' s monsters
M any of them are cute
O pposite to humans
N ew and powerful creatures
S trange but friendly
T otally unexpected
E lectricity will give them power
R un away if you can, the
S treets are full of them

    Sophie' s monsters
M onsters! Boo!
O h no! Don' t eat me, please!
N othing more than ugly creatures
S urely they can eat you alive
T hey' re tall like trees
E xcept for the good-hearted ones
R ather smart and cute
S o... unpredictable!

    Catherine' s monsters
M onsters
O nly bad
N asty monsters
S trange monsters
T errible monsters, for
E ver ugly
R ight! They are forever ugly
S o, are they only bad?

    Rebecca' s monsters
M onsters, monsters,
O h, they are terrifying, but...
N o, they aren' t bad.
S leeping all day and eating
T hey don' t eat humans but by...
E ating vegetables they are slim.
R rrr, they roar
S caring, but good! Yeah!

    Alice' s monsters
M oody, happy or sad
O ften strange and different from humans
N ot only big and dangerous
S ome are small and cute, too
T iny ones are the best
E asy to become a friend with... but some are NOT
R eally funny
S urely friendlier than you think

    Mary' s monsters
M ini
O r big - awful or beautiful
N ot good or very good
S o, they are monsters!
T hey are friends of people on the
E arth or not. They can
R un very fast or very
S low!

    Penny' s monsters
M onsters
O gre
N aughty
S avage creatures
T all
E at humans (children!)
R oar
S moke

   Penny' s ogres
O ne-eyed
G uy
R oar
E scape

   Vicky' s fairies
F antastic creatures
A re tiny and cute
I  like them too much because they' re smart, too
R estless or
I dle
E very aspect of them
S upernatural

From the above poems one thing' s for sure: boys CAN' T write poetry! Sorry, boys  :)

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  1. Μs Nancy, Congratulations on your students' work. It is obvious they are excellent poets.