Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Some people are smart but some others are smarter, because they are able to see beyond the limits you set them. Their mind works in multiple levels.

Once, a friend asked me to find the similarity between a woman and a cow. She had a particular similarity in mind and it was neither that they are both female nor mammals. Nothing like that. I will give you the answer later, after you have spent some time thinking about the solution.

Likewise, what is the solution to the problem in the next video?
Do you think it cannot be done? Think beyond the limits! 

When problems seem they cannot be solved, just go a step further and look at them from a different angle. Put yourself "outside" them and look at them from "above". Keep an open mind and then the solution will appear before your eyes! 

The similarity between the woman and the cow is that they both have a "w". That simple!

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