Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little poets

Here is an interesting writing activity in 6th Grade' s course book:

You are a member of the “Writing Club”: close your eyes and use your five senses to describe a favourite thing. What does it taste/smell/feel/look/sound like? You can write a poem about a pair of sneakers, your favourite dessert,  a new shirt, a fruit, etc. 

             For example:
Oh, my sweet Chocolate cake!
Off the oven, it looks fresh and smells nice;
it feels soft in my hands;
it tastes delicious in my mouth.
It sounds so tempting, I can never resist it!

Sophie' s poem
Oh, my sweet cheesecake!
Oh, my favourite delicious cake!
You are so tasty
And all my friends say: "It tastes delicious!"

Rebecca' s poem
Oh, my lovely apple!
It looks fleshy and so red
It smells beautiful
And it' s cold in my hands
It tastes lovely
It sounds good, I won' t resist it

Athena' s poem
I like kitties and puppies
I like their furs and their tails
I like their play
I like my Kitty Sail

Alice's poem 
Muffins are delicious
Muffins are soft
They smell brilliant
As I turn the oven off
They look so adorable
Look so nice
I want to eat them all twice!

Catherine' s poem
Yummy, yummy chocolate
It tastes nice
Oh, my dear chocolate!
I want to eat you but
I can' t, because I' m fat!

Haroula' s poem
Summer, summer
The sun is shining
The kids are swimming in the sea
Summer, summer
We are playing rackets at the beach
And we are eating ice cream!
Summer, summer
Hot and sunny every day
And we go on holiday!

Joanna' s poem 
Oh! my comfortable sneakers!
I put you on and I run
like a lion
I put you on and I look
like a star
I put you on and my feet
I put you on and my feet
are resting
My beautiful sneakers,
my feet feel like cotton
my feet feel like silk
I feel like I can fly
Oh yes! You are so comfortable!
My beautiful sneakers,
I love you and I hate you
because my friends envy me
because of you!

Christine' s poem 
Oh my special fruit salad!
All these cut fruits look like a picture.
So many colours!
Sweet and sour at the same time!
The best enjoyment in the world!

If there are any more poems in my comments section, I' ll be glad to post them!

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