Saturday, November 10, 2012

The new craze

You have heard Old McDonald before. You have probably sung it in class. Here it is again - just to remind you how it goes:

But maybe you haven' t yet watched the new funny video that is becoming very popular in Greece. The idea came from Italy. Enjoy  Το Πουλάκι Τσίου! 

In Italy, the next video is ready, with the little yellow bird taking revenge on the tractor (do you see the benefits of working out?)

Have you noticed that animal sounds are different from language to language? You see, people who speak different languages perceive (understand) sounds in different ways. It has to do with onomatopoeia. In the English language onomatopoeia means "the imitation of a sound", whereas in the Greek language onomatopoeia (ονοματοποιία) means "making or creating names".  

Listen to some animal sounds here to see what I' m talking about!

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