Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pictures out of words

Micro calligraphy (or Micrography) : the art or technique of writing with extremely small letters.
It is an ancient form of writing art, developed by Jews in the 9th century, where an image is made up by text which either describes it or is directly linked to it. In Micro calligraphy the word literally becomes a vision of a story. 
The artwork is viewed at a distance, creating an interplay between the text and image.

Here are some brilliant examples. Click on the pictures to see the details!

Computers can easily help you with portraits...
Whoever made this was a genius!

Here are some other examples from ...

Students can make them with pen and ink... 

 The whole piece was created using only the word "fish" (many times)

... or on their PC...
A text about the Parthenon became ... the Parthenon!

Now, get some easier ideas below and create your own projects!

A song you know can become musical notes

Mark Ewbie' s pictures made up of letters:



007 (James Bond)



Have fun creating!

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