Sunday, November 4, 2012

Poem of Myself

Do you want to write a poem about yourself? It' s easy!
Let me show you:


Line 1: __ (Write your name)
Line 2: __, __, __ (Write 3 personal characteristics or physical traits)
Line 3: Brother/Sister of __ (or Son/Daughter of __ )
Line 4: Who loves__, __, and __ (Write 3 people, things, ideas) 
Line 5: Who feels__ about__ (Write 1 emotion about 1 thing) 
Line 6: Who needs__, __, and __ (Write 3 things you need) 
Line 7: Who gives __, __, and __ (Write 3 objects you share) 
Line 8: Who fears__, __, and __ (3 items) 
Line 9: Who'd like to see __ (1 place or person) 
Line 10: Who dreams of __ (1 item or idea) 
Line 11: A student of__ (Write your school or teacher's name) 
Line 12: __ (Write your nickname or repeat your first name)

Here is mine:

Miss Nancy
Sensitive, kind, thoughtful
Daughter of Maria and Dimitri
Who loves kids, cats and songs
Who feels proud of her blog
Who needs time, patience and ...comments
Who gives help, advice and a hearty smile
Who fears the unknown, mistakes and bad people
Who' d like to see the world
Who dreams of a better future for every child
A teacher at 18th Primary School
Miss Nancy

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